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    My fiance and i are fighting. Her father to say the least is one of the most devious men i have met. In very very short, he abondoned her in her teens, and interferred in all aspects of her life including her previous marrage (screwed them around to) he has screwed over her sister and brother inlaw under the guise of family, and has just done it to us which resulted in us breaking up. We managed to ammend our relationship and in the last 3 months we have just managed to find our feet. She has, against my advice went to tell her father how she feels, and has come back taking blame for him screwing us over. (Advised her to find her feet first before she does it. Finacially and emotionally)

    I have seeked advice from others on my interpretation of events, i have played devils advocate and regardless of the logic i use i cannot even comprehend how, after the constant failures and lies in all aspects of her life she persists to allow him to manipulate her.

    Can someone assist as i do believe this is a psychological addiction to one man

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