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    I loved a girl from my childhood but she got engaged with another guy in her class. she was aware that I also love her. She also used me to exchanged their gifts to each other but I had no problem as I loved her so much. After few years I got married and was happy with my life but after 2 years of my Marriage, her b’f death with a serious disease and she cried in front of me as she treated with me as her friend and as I loved her so helped her as much as I could do.
    Now after 2 years of her b’f funeral, she continued to talk with me and finally proposed me that “I love you too…” and i can’t explain how happy i was that time and accepted her proposal and started talking regularly in the absence of my wife as I was in another city for my job.

    But what I didn’t expected, just after 5-6 months, she tried to do me everything as she wanted and forced me or told me every time to leave my wife and spend time with her, do what she wanted..But this was not fair and each time I tried to understand her but she didn’t understand and tried to tell me bad words, abused me and lot more…

    Now the situation is worst and every time when she talk me, use abuse and bad words for me and I don’t tell her anything as each time she reminds me that “she is the only girl who accepted you, no other girl can do this…”

    We both are in a relationship for more than 3 years but now bcz of her behave I don’t want to talk her but each time when I stopped talking she forced her any friend to call me or she also calls me and tells me bad words, abuse me.. few months ago, she slapped me in front of my friend and insulted me.. but after few days she asked me sorry and started talking me. But this situation happens every 2-3 days and she abuses me regularly..

    She tells me that, you are the worst boy in your group, each boy and every person tells you bad and nobody respects you. you have ego problem and nobody like to stay with you so you are alone… I’m the only girl who proposed you after your Merralee and no any girl in the world would like to live with you as your bad behave.. you are below my status and you will be always.. if you didn’t get married you could not get girl like me.. you are not for me and I’ve so many guys who wants to marry me but i neglect everybody for you. I could had get any boy better than you as you are not smart, not well qualified, failed in your business and you have nothing but still I’m with you and you should respect me for this.. and many things like this which I can’t explain here…

    The problem is, every time she wants me to go where she wants, wants to take her movies, restaurant and I do, but sometimes when I neglect her for any reason she tells me that you insulted me and start abuse me as mentioned above.. She always tried to feel me that I’m nothing and she is everything…

    As title says, you can abuse me as I’m in a extra martial relationship but to be honest I’ve no any physical relationship with this girl and I don’t want to cheat my wife anymore..

    The girl which was my childhood love, how changed and why behaves bad with me? Still she loves me or just try to make me feel her happy.

    Please help me to know, she really loves me? or if not what she is doing with me? why she tells me every time that she is the only girl who accepted you after you marriage no any girl in the world would like to live with this type of relation so you should respect me and so on..

    I’ve explained almost everything in brief honestly.. I’m frustrated and tired with my life… just help me.. I’m so lonely and unable to understand what to do and how to do?


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