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    I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now. We live together and are very much in love.
    Since I have known him he does not speak to his family. His family is a little messed up much like mine. He chose not to have a relationship with most of his family as it is toxic. Understandable to most people. To me it is.
    Im very happy with him our relationship lacks some things as im sure most do. We fight like most couples but we always resolve it.
    A few months ago one of bis brothers called saying his sister is getting married. My boyfriend decided to go he said it was because mainly his father who is now elderly would probably be the last time he saw him. Not once in this decision did he ask me to go. I waited it didnt happen. Finally I brought it up we had a huge argument he said things had happened there and he didnt want me part of it.
    He says his life is now me and he doesnt want me a part of his family they are separate.
    So he went on this break to see them hes going for a week.
    Mind you we have never had a holiday together, I have asked for one it never happens.
    Im extremely hurt by this, to the point i dont think I care if he comes back. Maybe I dont want him back. My mother is extremely pissed at him she refuses to talk to him.
    Im torn I dont know what to do. My head says run my heart says forget about it, that I should know what we have and ignore this issue.
    I dont know what to do, he is the most amazing man I have ever met he would do anything for me, he has done anything and everything for me, but im so hurt by this…
    The one brother he talks to to I have met several times, I know him quite well.
    Should I walk away? I dont know. It hurts my heart and he said to me it isnt about me its about him and his issues with his family…

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