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    Well I broke up with him a year ago after a 10 month relationship with him. He saw it as a bad break up since some guys and his guy friends couldn’t wait to get close to me and he thought I was a slut. It was a whole bad first 6 months for him ignoring and being mean to me. Then we started to talk and clear things up the last 6 months. But he was still awkward at most, he would text me and be flirty one week and stopped texting or even saying hi to me in person. It was not fun cuz I always wanted to make up with him at least at a good friends level. It was very frustrating cuz he was being hot and cold.

    Until recently, he finally dated another girl after me but it lasted only for a few days. He texted me the day right after he broke up with her and being all flirty and stuff and couldn’t wait to tell me about the break up. He told me it was meaningless to kiss someone if you have no feelings for. He realized it once he kissed her and decided to end it. She was the only girl he has kissed after me.

    We started to text everyday since then and we decided to go to the movies with a few couples. At the movie, he was trying to hold my hand but I didn’t feel comfortable cuz we were not dating. After that he and I went to eat alone and talk. He told me he was a jerk to me and I was so sweet that I still talked to him. He also told me that guys in the football team always talk about me and how much they wanted to get with me. He said he got all mad becuz he knew I could be his if he didn’t let me go. I was shocked becuz I always thought I didn’t mean anything to him since he treated me so bad after the break up. We hugged and he kissed me on my cheek goodbye. I was kinda out of it since it was too much to take in.

    He continued to text me and we flirted a lot and were joking about being friends with benefits. I was interested becuz I have already decided not to date anyone before college. I am very into school and I get really good grades and am actually one of the top students and a scholar athelete in school. Also, the experience I had with him put me in a “not worth it” mode. But all the stress from school and friends(my best friend betrayed me) put me in a really lonely and sad situation. I really needed someone that I feel comfortable with and trust. We did have a solid friendship in the 10 months relationship. We talked and saw each other almost everyday. I am a strong believer in friendship before relationship.

    We decided to get together on a night and we kissed and stuff. He was really touchy and I had a really good time with him. It was like a lost feeling of being so close to someone you can trust. It was a short night and we both didn’t want it to end.

    After that night, we still texted each other during the break but it was more like a flirty and teasing kinda of talk more than a real and sweet one. Actaully, I prefer this cuz I don’t want a relationship with him becuz he was really controlling and jealous. But with FWB relationship, he won’t and can’t be jealous, at least to my understanding…

    Things started to get a little bit frustrating when we went back to school. He was all weird at school. He would come to say hi and hug me in the morning then come to the group and hang but avoid eye contact with me. He would mess with other friends but wouldn’t even look at me. It feels so weird and uncomfortable. It lasted a few days for him being friendly one moment and strange the next. He cut down on texting me and his tone of voice has changed. He was sweeter before but now it was like he’s pulling back. On Thursday, he even ignored me at school and I had to go up and say hi to him. I asked if he was mad but he insisted he wasn’t and was nice again. Then Friday, I texted me and he ignored my text and I got frustrated and texted him saying that it was not very nice to ignore people’s text. I told him if anything went wrong or he felt uncomfortable about the whold BWF thing, he should tell me and we could stop. I was upset and I told him it’s not working if he ignored me. He then texted me back and said he was out with friends and didn’t have his phone. I said ok, then he texted me back saying “so, are we good?:)” in a friendly manner. I was confused to the max.

    I was trying to analyze the whole thing and couldn’t get an answer. It was pretty obvious that I got played from what I told here but the more you know him, the more you would doubt it. If it’s only for physical, he could have it all with other girls but he rejected them and kept being single the whole year. Just a couple kisses with that girl, he pulled away and stopped once he found out it’s not working. He’s not into physcial without feelings. He was very into me and wanted more after we hung out but he just stopped being like this while we were back to school. He chose to stay with me for ten months even though I totally refrained him from being too touchy. I didn’t even french kiss him during the whole relationship but he still stuck around. He told me he regretted letting me go… well he’s not the lying type of guy, he would tell you the truth even though he knows it would hurt. He would break up with girls right the way if he doesn’t think it’s working. He rejected me when I suggested to try again right after I broke up with him and he ignored and stayed away from me the following months. He’s always under control if he wants to. But he never told me he wanted to stop this..

    More info might help here. According to others, I’m out of his league and I’m one of the most wanted girls in school ( I don’t believe it and I don’t think so) but guys always approach me and I got asked by 6 guys to Homecoming. He and other guys also told me I am the type of girl that guys will kill to have. I guess it is more than I know… And it is also one of the reasons why he was mad and jealous the entire 10 months and I had to leave him becuz of the stress he brought me. Will this be the reason why he’s being hot and cold cuz he doesn’t want to deal with me? Did I make him feel inferior? Did I intimidate him? I’m not that type of girl that play people’s heart. There’s always a reason why I chose him two years ago and I chose him to be my cuddle buddy again and he’s the only guy that I have got this close to….I have never kissed other guy other than him.

    Please tell me if I got played?

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