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    Okay. Long story short. I have known this guy since 8th grade. He liked me , I rejected him, he refused to talk to me until college. In college, we became friends again. He started to like me again. I just ignored it and continued to be friends. But, this summer I gave him a chance and ended up falling in love with him. Unfortunately, there is a 5 hour distance between us – therefore we were only in an exclusive relationship and had not yet made it official when I decided to break it off because I felt like I was making all the effort.

    Anyways, he was really immature when I told him this. I had to end up hanging up on him. But, a few weeks later his Grandma died. I felt really bad for him and I went out and bought him a present and am planning to send him that and a letter. The letter says:
    “I know how you’re probably feeling right now so i wanted to send you something to help make you feel a little better. I’ll always be here for you no matter what. The argument we had was stupid – our friendship is important to me. Hopefully we can hang out over break.”

    Should I send it? I really do care that we are still friends – he is too important to me to loose again. What do you guys think? Thank you =)

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