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    I’ve been friends with this guy for about 7-8 months now and its been only friendship so long. We got really close within a short period of time and share almost every aspect of our life with each other. We enjoy each other’s company.

    2 weeks ago he suddenly says he wants to kiss me(lips/eyes/cheeks) out of affection and that he wants nothing else. From our relationship i can kind of tell that maybe we like each other as more than friends but i’m not totally sure about where he stands. He all hot and cold i cant figure out.

    He’s kissed me a couple of times since then and each time he’s always saying about how much i mean to him and how he wants me to be with him always. But when i ask what he means he never explains. Im wondering if he’s just saying things to kiss me or if he actually has feelings as more than a friend.

    I’ve got out of a 7year old relationship about 2 months ago and im not sure i wanna get into another relationship. Him kissing me that way is playing with my head. I’m starting to develop feelings for him and im not sure if he likes me back the same way.

    I feel like im setting myself up for heart break again:(:(

    Any thoughts??

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