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    Im a male and I fell in love by my best female friend 3 months after she finished a 8 years relationship (9months ago). We escalated the relationship but in the 1st place she was still thinking about her ex (she tried out a 2nd time after I gave her some time) and than she fought for having me back 3 months ago. After that we escalated thing naturally: we talked a lot by phone, we had full day trips, dinners, movie sessions, and cooked for each other.
    Our friends asked us all the time when would we announce the commitment! But last weekend she freaked out! She told me she didn’t know if she should sleep in my place. Then she started talking about our relationship, saying she couldn’t commit herself to me yet. Reasons: she was feeling to much pressure: friends asking things all the time and me telling her I didn’t understand why she couldn’t accept the commitment (I even cried in front of her, because of that pressure Im in for 9 months of hard feelings). She also told me she had a psychologic barrier to enter a new relationship, that she was still afraid of loosing my friendship, that she was afraid to be in-loved (weird no? lol), that she felt I was giving her what she couldn’t give me because she felt something was missing, sht she thinks she should feel and she doesn’t! She told me “maybe my heart is broken and Im frozen and I really need to hear you saying I understand you! Because Im giving the best I can”

    Well, Im tired of trying but Im trully in-loved by her. I met several girls but I thing I could say this: I know this one is the one! I know it cause I know her for 11years and we are so compatible and funny together. I don’t want to dump her, so Im asking some advice so I can give her this one small last click on her head: attitudes, invitations, phone conversations…should I keep escalating things slowly, ignore her a bit? What do u think? :confused:

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