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    Beginning of the relationship was like heaven, he treated you like a baby. Shower you with love..
    And as we go along… He gets comfortable, he doesnt say I love you unless i say it first.

    We broke up for 2 months because he said that we’re spending too much time with each other and he couldnt breathe. We got back together and he told me, “This time, things are gonna be different ok? We have to give each other more space in order to let our relationship last longer.”

    And yes he became different, he don’t really say sweet stuffs unless i say it first.
    So… he went on a holiday with his family, but he didn’t bother texting me that he arrived until i saw him online.

    I told him:
    “wow you have reception there?”
    he : “Hahaha are you like stalking me! how did you know that i was online!”
    So he started to tell me about the place and environment he is in.
    And i ended off by saying “hahaha Okay i shall not disturb you. have a great day!<3 "
    He replied, “You too! have a great day^^.” Then i said,”I love you!” He didn’t reply after that.

    So a few hour passes, he went online before he slept, tweeted “goodnight world!” But he didnt bother texting me goodnight and stuffs.

    In the morning i drop a text and said : “Aw.. u have the time to tweet but not send me a goodnight text “
    Then he replied “Can you stop think so much and stuffs? just let me have a peaceful holiday.”
    I didn’t reply because i dont wanna annoy him further. Then…. last night he tweeted “Paid for wifi!” and he kept tweeting but i didnt receive a single text from him. i don’t wanna start the convo because i dont wanna look needy.

    What should i do?
    Am i being paranoid? Or is it that he just got too comfortable?

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