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    So about 4 weeks ago my girlfriend went through my phone and found out I had kissed a co-worker. Things have been rough and we have tried to work on them but it just isn’t working. I got an e-mail from her today that said this….

    “Sorry for writing an email. I’ve just never been good at talking through things, much easier for me to think about what to say when I can just write it down. Obviously since I found out about you and her things have been a little tough, or at least for me they have been. I lost my trust in you and pretty much lost my love for you. I know I said I would work on it because you swore you could make it better. But as you have seen over break and especially this last week or few days it isn’t getting any better, at least that’s how I feel. I don’t love you anymore and it is hard for me to accept, just as I am sure it is for you. Some days over break have been better than others, but for the most part I haven’t really been happy. I don’t want to keep on stretching it out when I feel like this. We might be able to work on things, but we would just have to completely start over. Meaning we need to take a break for a little bit then try again in a few weeks or months or whatever it takes. But I just can’t sit around unhappy anymore and I can’t be happy with you there. I am probably going to stay out at selinas or my dads or wherever for the rest of the weekend. Try and enjoy the last of my break. I guess just let me know what you want to do.”

    I was hoping to get some advice as to what to say. I feel like a break
    would be good for us but I don’t believe that she is being honest in saying it.
    This is the second time she has told me this and then we tried and now she is
    telling me this stuff again. As far as cheating goes the girl and I kissed
    but only twice. I know it’s not any better because cheating is cheating.
    We have an apartment together and I am assuming I would be the one to move
    out. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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