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    First i would like to give some back round. We have been together for almost 7 yrs. 3 weeks ago he said he didn’t want to be with me anymore and wants to move out. The intial reason was cause i was grumpy around him, I negged and b***hed to much. I totally agreed with it, and something i need to seriously change. On his side for the past 6 months I’ve caught him talking to 2 or so other girls via facebook, and one girl that he was texting and she sent him a pic.
    When i confronted him, at first he was mad at me then in denial. He apologized I got some flowers. But of course in the back of my mind I never thought he stopped. His one reason was I was giving him negitive attention, and pretty much after he apologized he said I had a right to be mad, but not a b***h. We’ve gone through jealousy issue on his part. Examples…. I had to go to his guy friends house to pick up him something. While I was there i ran a errand w/ this friend, completly innocent, he flipped out. My work xmas party, my owner gave me a hug wish me a Merry Xmas, he flipped out.
    So now are situation is we “separated 3 wks ago”, first 3 days he stayed at a friends.
    My first natural girl reactions was an emotional wreck, begging, promising i would change, letting out my undying love for him. During this time I had ( yes had ) to wonderful girlfriends that were trying to help me through this. stopping from me not txting/emailing/calling. I would talk about person things. My girlfriend took it open herself to txt my husband everything i was telling her, including about my boss saying a couple of ual comments to me, and how he is a dear friend that I apreciate and value his advice on relationships. His comments were completely innocent, we are close friends, no attraction between either one of us. He comes to me with his spouse issues.
    Well she told my husband all of this. So now he is convinced I was having a emotional relationshipp with my boss. Emotional no, friendship yes. He says now since he can’t trust me, he is no longer attracted to me. Was I open to my husband about this. Unfortunately no, cause in his mind every man that talks to me has an altiery motive. I truly believe this is not the case between me and my boss. I shouldn’t have kept it a secret, but I also feel i didn’t want to lose a dear friend that has helped me out a lot.
    My husband told me last Sat. he met someone, and he has feelings for her. This devastated me even more. He even took his 2 children (which i’ve raised for 7 yrs) over to her house.
    In so many words he says he doesn’t care how I feel about it, cause I’ve made it even worse cause he thinks i had an emotional relationship. So now he is staying at home every other night and then her house. Which he isn’t honest about. I’ve gone crazy by going through his phone/fb seeing conversations that break my heart.
    When he is at home, he acts like everthing is normal, besides the affection. He knows and see me changing, losing weight, being nicer, he knows I’m trying to make our family work. All while i see him txting HER! He said he wanted to move out, now he doesn’t talk about it.
    I asked him today if I should honestly just give up and try to move on. His answer ” I don’t know, I can’t predict the future, I don’t know if in 6 months I will be able to trust you again, and be attracted to you again.
    Of course all the advice I get is to tell him to get the f’ out. But there is so much inside of me that wants to try everything for us to work, and I know and my heart and soul i want to save our family. Please does anyone have any positive advice, on how to get my husband back? I just need one more good chance to see if our family is truely what i believe it is.
    I don’t know if he is torturing me everyday or honestly confused.
    I will take any advice!

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