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    Hello everyone. I’m new to this forum.

    Here is what I have going on right now that I need some advice on. I was with my boyfriend for almost 2 years on and off. We have broken up a few times during our relationship usually only for a couple weeks & we would talk to each other during this time. Well in August I broke up with him again because things weren’t going so well & told him it was over for good. This time there was no contact between us so I know that he really thought it was over for good. But about a month ago we did start speaking again & I realized that I’m still in love with him & still want to be with him. We have been spending some time together & talking & we think we may want to get back together & work things out. Now there is a complication. When we started seeing each other again he told me that he slept with someone while we were broken up, we weren’t together & it didn’t seem like we ever would be so there isn’t much I can say about that. It was just a ual thing that was in reaction to me telling him I was with someone else. Well last night he told me that this woman told him that she is pregnant & wants to keep the baby. He is 42 & I’m 38. I am unable to have any more children myself so it’s not like we were planning on having any children together ourselves. He doesn’t/didn’t want any more children but it’s here so he has to deal with it. So now I’m very conflicted about what to do. I love him with my whole heart & want to be with him. I want to be there for him during this time too. I feel sad, hurt, sick etc. But I know the most important person in all this is the child that is coming. I know that the child would also be part of my life if I choose to work things out with him. Part of me wants to run away because this is going to be hard but a big part of me wants to stay & be a family with him & this child. I have always wanted more children but am unable to have any more of my own. I just don’t know what to feel or how to deal with these feelings I’m having. Any advice?

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