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    gothic dreamer

    hey guys i new here… thought i would see if i could get some advice… there is a guy at work i have feeling for but i don’t know if he feels the same way… the thing is i think i am getting a lot of mixed signals…. i will try and make it short… this is what i have been picking up on both good and “bad” lol

    1. when i broke up with my ex… he told me he was single and that later that night asked if i wanted company so i gave him my address and phone number (in case he got lost lol) and we spent the night chatting and b***ing about my ex watching a dvd…. after this he has never called or texted me (which does not bother me lol) and i dont have his number

    2. At work from time to time i find he looking at me in which i smile back and he also come and chats with me though we are working in different areas he comes over and says hi and see’s how i am going to goes back to where he was

    3. On break time at work he comes out to the smokers area (where i am) but he is not a smoker and sits near me and we make small talk

    4. He has once called me weird in General chat

    5. when we are leaving work he always comes up asking me Q’s about what i am wearing ( eg the last Q he asked was about my hat wondering where i got it) and when we part way he seem to go all quite (or maybe i reading to much into it lol)

    6. we where coming off a break and chatting away i was walking infront of him and when i turned around to talk to him i sware i saw him checking out my butt lol

    I have been flirting with him but i don’t know if he has picked up on it…. doing the smiling thing….and little comments like when he is leaving say “have an goodnight sleep, pleasant dreams my dear” ect

    so do you…. from what i have said…..
    think he likes me as friends or more?
    and what would you do? would you wait for him to make a more or do it yourself?

    I just worried that if i do make a move and his has not got any feelings it will make weird if you get what i mean…..

    please help…. thank in advance



    I think it may all depend on the conversation you guys had about your exes. If you gave him the slightest idea that you were still into your ex then I really don’t think he will make a move if he’s the type that would want to have a gf because ultimately thats what this comes down to-if he can see you as his gf. If he cant, then you either stay in the friend zone or get into the friends with benefits zone. To make things more complicated, you guys work together. There is no way a friends with benefits zone is safe when you work together. If neither of those work for you than move on. And to be honest thats probably what you need. Nothing fuels a guy to come after more than if they know you are unavailable. I’m not sure if this is good advice because I am definitely not the expert but I hope this helps a little.



    Hi – new here too 🙂
    Have you tried turning the tables on him to see how he reacts?
    You said that he told you he was single and you gave him your number and address – how about you do the same? Next time he says goodnight, ask if *he’d* like some company and ask for his number? You can keep it light and say that you’d enjoyed your time outside work and maybe he’d like to go for a drink or something sometime?
    You also said that he comes over to talk to you – do you do the same for him? Maybe he feels that he’s making all the moves and that YOU aren’t interested? Also, some guys are very shy (you’ve mentioned that he’s quiet) even if they flirt or show attention, and maybe he needs a gentle nudge… try one thing and see what reaction you get. You can always laugh it off if he isn’t interested!
    Hope this helps a bit – do let us know how things go. 🙂

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