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    I’ll try and make this as short as possible… I initially met this guy through YouTube (I commented on a couple of his videos) and he sent me a friend request. We sent a few comments back and forth and then he started following me on Twitter with direct messages here and there..this carried on for a couple of years and then he sent me a friend request on Facebook about four months ago and we started chatting on the Facebook messenger, initially he started the conversations and they were filled with winks and smilies. We skyped once as well. He has a terrible Internet connection so he does tend to go off and online quite erratically… he asked for my email address and gave me his, but hasn’t responded to my emails because he said that things have been hectic and he hasn’t logged in for weeks. He’s not great at answering messages that I leave, and I asked him if things were okay and if Id upset him and he said no and that he’s never upset with me (with a smilie). Here’s the thing – last week he told me that I was y and that he was attracted to me (we’ve been mildly flirting along the way), and I haven’t heard from him since. I’m trying to take into account the holidays and his connection (he’s also had some bad family stuff to deal with), but I’m really confused as to what is going, where I stand, and whether I risk going forward, particlularly as he doesn’t respond to emails!



    Ahh well , this is my first reply here . Hope i am of use. Well , i think you shouldn’t much break your head really over this guy. It looks as if he already has much on his hands and isnt able to give much time to you. I wont say it is his fault , since he must have had loads of things on his hands…But u see he isnt replying “that ” frequently to your mails. If u do like him and want to go ahead , you can wait and see whether he replies or what . But i would advise you to go about on your own till he does give a bit more time to u . 🙂



    You guys have had an internet relationship for 2 yrs and he’s just now trying to get with you? The kid sounds young, like high school age.

    My advice: try to find someone in real life to deal with.



    Live in the real world. Get a real boyfriend that you meet in person.

    These internet relationships only lead to hurt.

    Get a life, get off of the computer.

    If you want to meet someone on the computer for a possible BF…then go to a dating site like eHarmony or something like that. Less of a crap shoot and unknowing.

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