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    Eh, I wouldn’t know if you would consider this serious. But for nearly 7 Months i have been with a girl who I have really fallen in love with. All the time, we talk about getting married. Feelings are mutual and on a daily basis we tell each other we love each other. Miss each other. But this summer, I have different opinions about the relationship. When ever she is with friends, she loves to ignore the shit out of my text messages. I can tell because I see her tweeting after I’ve sent her a text. Its like she just doesn’t care enough to respond. I even confronted her about it a few weeks back when all she did was ignore me… so now she knows it affects me. She seems to do it more and more. We have such great positive things in our relationship. But this is the biggest downer for me. Ive asked her multiple times to just tell me that she will talk to me later when she isn’t with friends. So i’m on a short fuse now. After this weekend she did it again, and even went out to party and all she could say is how much fun she was having. She likes to tell me about guys she met there and thinks its ok. Inside I’m not okay with any of this, but when she tells me I just go along and act like everything is fine.

    What should I do about her not texting back and ignoring me? Should I stop texting her. Pull away? Is she asking for space? Is she testing me to see if I can give that space to her?

    Any thoughts?

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