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    Hi every body my name is raj , i am medical student and doing my internship .and i am from i am going to tell u a very sad story of my life which may be similar to other stories also.

    the story begin two year back when i was in 3rd year . I fall in love with a girl name soniya.and soniya and me was having a common freind deepti.but my love with soniya was never completed.she rejected me.but one day i come to know that soniya n deepti r not freind they are enemy of each other.soniya was exploiting deepti psychologically and threten her with her boyfreind.when i came to know about that i immedeatly help her n shift deepti to my nearby place so that she can be we enters the final year.till the end of 3rd year both of them were my good freind.when i shifted deepti to my nearby place we become very close freind.and i started cutting off with soniya.i was knowing that deepti is having a boyfreind so i never ever saw her in another the days were passed we become very close frnd.her boyfrnd also become my frnd.she used to discuss every personal problem with me n i used to discuss evry personal problem with the time passed she started telling negative points of boyfrnd to me like he is not taking anything serious, he is gambling n all.i always convience her that he loves her and everything vll be fyn in future….now the times passed and we clear our final year till the end of final year soniya was no more my freind only deepti was my best freind..i mean deepti n me was that much close that i almost spend 9-10 hrs with her….now story takes the twist..
    I always setteled the fight of her boyfrnd.6 months back we join a call center to earn the pocket more thing i alwys spend lots of money on deepinka n her boyfreind which gives me lots of satisfaction . I dont know the reason for in call centre i met a girl and i try to flirt with that girl.deepti warn me that this girl is not good for you just leave her to save my frndship i stopped talking with that girl….after some time deepti did frndship with 2 guys . Initially i was jealous of them coz she use to take dinner with them and earlier she always wait for me…she started spending more n more time with day i chckd her cellphone in which there were lots of text of her new frnd.only one of them was so close to her .text was having some kind of words like honey cutiepie etc i told her to end up the frndship with them as he is inclined towrd her and she is allready having the boyfreind otherwise i will tell her boyfrnd about that.she defend them n didnot end frndship with i informed her boyfrnd.there was a huge fight between her n her boyfrnd.when i told this thing to my girlfrnd.sorry i forgot to tell u i also propose that girl whcih i was flirting earlier….distances created between me n my girlfrnd and ultimately our relationship end.deepti n me stiil remains freind.after each fourth day i came to realize that she is ditching her boyfreind.ech fourth day we have fight and i informed evrything to her day she was on comlete night out with her new so called frnd harry. In informed this thing to her boyfrnd.he reacted and came to her place next moring by the flight.she make him fool tell him different story.each n every time these kind of incendence takes plae and she fools him.i also tried to commit sucide by knowing all that.this is only one incident which shows that she is not loyal to her boyfrnd as per my view.each n evry time whenever i informd her boyfrnd i become the defaulter that i m trying to spoil the relationship of these two couples.her sister n she blames me each n everytime….one thing which was possitive her boyfrnd always support me n tells me that ur intentions are right but way of doing thing is wrong.after every fight they become united n i become the culprit.
    Now comming to the climax of the story.she again become my frnd everything was running fine.3 days back i had intuation that haary is at her home so i passes that information to her boyfrnd.he reacted n told me that stand infront of her gate for the whole night and tell me each n everything.i stand there till morning but found no body is exiting from her gate.i knocked her gate at around 7 am .she didnt reply.after 20 min she came out of her room she found myself standing infront of her gate.she told lets go to motherdairy to get the immunity booster as she is feeling sick she left her doors unlocked so that he can ran we moved from that area i cought him running but i did not tell this thing to her.then when we reached home after getting immunity booster.i directly asked first she didnot commit anything.when i give her oath of her brother she commited each n everything that yes he was there at the night n she was dicussing problems with him.this informoation which she give me was passed to her bf coz he was on the line and recording each n every concersation between after listening all this he came to her place had a very huge fight with her and she lost trust from me.which i break everytime.she slapped me onthat day and do lots of insult of us.which i cannot write over next day i dont know what is going on my be evrything is fyn with her bf may be not.but for me nothing is painfull than that they are seperated .she allready broke up frndship with me leaving me a culprit that i am resposible for her thing i forgot to tell that i m geetting married sooner by the end of this week.but my best frnd deepti will not come in that. She did lots of thing for me which i cannot return.but what i always did i give her pain n mental agony.right now i am in the condition that i should commit coz of me their relation is brokeup.i dont know what i will do in future but i rally wants that their pair should not be broke up.plz god forgive me.may be i will commit sucide after writing all this thing.god bless u all.never make freind and if made never become close and if become close never interfere in their personal life thats the moral which i wants to give this world.i hope everything will be fine in their life…aameen.i dont wants to live now gud bye my dear freind good bye.
    i use red font because red is her favourite color….



    if your in the condition of suicide thought we cant help you. u need professional guidence. goodluck to ya.

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