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    yeah, i’ve already posted about her.

    there is this shy girl who i work with who i’m having some trouble with. we had a date last week, which went pretty well. we had Coffee then walked around the neighbourhood and talked for about 2 hours. we have alot in common and have some great conversation. at the end of the night i tried to kiss her but she pushed me away saying “i have a thing about that” and then she said she “dosn’t like to plan for the future”.

    She was out of town for the weekend so we didn’t make plans for the following weekend. On wendsday went into the store and she saw me and walked into the break room while wathcing me out of the corner of her eye. I figured it was because she was a little embarassed about what happened on our date. I tried to call her when I got home and got the mahcine. I left a message asking her if she was free saturday, she didn not call back. I went in today (saturday) to check my hours and she was not there, I called again when i got home. it rnag for a minute then i got the machine, i hung up without leaving a message.

    I find shy girls are very avoidant. After i talked to this girls for the first time she avoided me for like a week and i was only able to talk to her when she came to me. she dose that, she’ll avoid me at work and then come to my section or make herself visible when she feels like its time.

    so i’m not sure how to proceed. I may or may nto see her tommorrow, if i do i’m asking her out again. but I don’t like waiting 3 weeks jsut to get a kiss. and what if she has intimacy issues? what if we date for several months and theres no ? i’m a good lookign guy. i get bites all the time, theres no reason why i can’t find another girl.
    i am pretty sure this girl likes me, and i know shy girls avoid guys they like, but i don’t like being avoided, and i’m going to be REALLY busy over the next 4 or 5 weeks with school and I’m worried we won’t have enough time to date. anyway, i’m not sure what ot do.

    we are both 20, and i don’t have cell phone so no texting. just to clear that up.
    i posted this on another site and the responder told me that she is trying to keep her options open and is likely seeing other guys.

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