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    Im new here an this is my first post, so please forgive me if its long. I met this girl online around the end of last august (almost a year). We started off texting for a couple weeks anthen it moved to phone conversations. The first time we made plans to meet was the last week in august. Plans fell throught so i let it slide thinking it wasnt a big deal. Then every so often for about two months she would make plans with me anthen some how have an exscuse to not make it. Mean while I would have to rearange my scedule each time. By the time october came about I was getting a very short fuse. She blew me off an I got pissed off an said somthing. She called me up telling me how much she liked me blah blah blah, an if I didnt want to be with her just end it. We make up an keep on talking, each day with constant texting an a hour or so each day.
    Fast foward to christmas time, she has to go away for a week, but while she is away she told me she bought me a very exspensive watch for christmas. There for I go an get her a gift…We make plans on 4 seperate occasions to meet up an she bails with some lame ass exscuse.
    Now its january an she wants to date me, so I agree. She tells me how much she loves me an how Im the only person she wants to be with.
    For valentines day I had these custom cupcakes made from this famous place in NYC, an booked dinner reservations. Her dad had a heart attack so I kinda let it slide. She wanted me to come over that night but it never happined.
    There were a couple other times were we made plans and I ended up driving some were to meet up for dinner. She would tell me some family crap came up an that she would meet me in a little while. I would end up sitting around for a hour and a half wasting time. She would then tell me maybe u can come over after things are figured out.
    Now its april. She tells me she is buying a new house an wants me to move in around october 2012. She sends me all these house adresses to look at. I just play along with it cuz I doubt its gonna every happen.
    I am going away this week an she is freaking out that I am going to find another girl an hook up becuase she knows I havent been with anyone since last august. She claims to have not had in a while either but, im not so sure how true that really is.
    Couple weekends ago I was at my yacht club an thought i had recognized her. Turns our boats are at the same yacht club. She told me over the phone that I didnt stop an say hi to her. But i wasnt sure if it was her or not cuz the hair color wasnt the same so I kept shut.
    This weekend she is going to a concert were she is friends with the lead singer of this famous band. All she can do is talk about how excited she is to meet him blah blah. Im guessing she is doing this to piss me off??
    So i tell her today when are you gonna get with your bf…He answer was that I had hurt her a couple times in the past when i get upset she wont meet up. So I asked if she always makes everyone wait this long..She told me no just me..

    As pathetic as it sounds idk wtf to do…I have a girl who calls me every day for an hour or two, an texts me all the time. Tells me how much she loves me an wants to marry me. But cant seem to meet up. An to top it off she freaking that im going away this week an that ill hook up with some “”….What the hell is she waiting for?????

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