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    Heres the situation. My girlfriend of 6 months and i have just recently broken up because of some drunken mistakes i have made. I did not cheat on her. A few times i have drank too much, lost control and said some things to her i shouldnt have. It has happened 3 times, she forgave me the first 2 times and i promised her it wouldnt happen again but obviously i failed. I feel terrible about it and i regret it happening. Other than these incidents our relationship has been absolutely perfect. We have never fought or had any problems together and we have told each other that we love one another. A week after breaking up i tried to patch things up and make it work but she said it was over. The second week i didnt talk to her at all because i felt like we just needed some space to think about ourselves and our relationship. At the end of the second week she called me, still really angry with and started going off on me. However, she started asking me why im not fighting for this relationship and why shes the one reaching out to me and i told her that i thought we just needed some space. That there shows me that she still cares and I had every intention of fighting for this relationship, i dont want to lose this girl. A few days after she called me, i emailed her (she lost her phone) asking her if we could meet face to face and talk. She said she felt like there was nothing to gain by us talking. I know sometimes girls say one thing but mean other so i called her yesterday. She didnt answer but called me back when i was busy and i asked her if we could talk today and she said shes not making any promises. Today i decided to just go to her house and we talked face to face. There was no fighting we just talked. I told her how i feel about our relationship and that i want to be with her and im going to whatever it takes and fight for this relationship. I didnt beg her or act weak. When i said those things she said “dont waste your time” but it was in a very nonchalant way, she wasnt strict at all. She has told me and one of our mutual friends that she doesnt want this breakup but right now its the right thing. She feels that im not going to change and i can understand why she feels that way.

    I know that i broke promises and made mistakes. I know that i have to make a change. I have currently stopped drinking and i am going to quit. Im making this change for myself because its whats right for me. Also, i hope that down the road we can reconcile and be in a better relationship. In my eyes its pretty obvious that she still cares. We are broken up but she hasnt once strictly said that its over and done with and that i need to move on. My question is “does she want me to keep fighting for this relationship?” If so, besides cutting out the drinking what else can i do to show her that i want this relationship? Im not going to pester her everyday with phone calls and texts messages.

    I would appreciate any advice anybody has to offer. Thank you in advance for the advice.

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