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    So I’ve been dating this girl for 8 months now. I started dating her because I felt very happy and open around her and she was absolutley gorgeous and her mind interesting and fun to be around.
    We’ve been staying in school together and we have gotten what I feel was really close and comfortable with her. She has been with a lot of guys before me and that has never came between us.
    We got into a rough patch a couple days ago and I found out she was talking to her exlover for what she said was comfort. She told him she was going to come stay with him for awhile to get her mind off of me, I talked to her before she left and she decided not to go. I found all this out and she said she had stopped caring about me for quite sometime. She said she has been thinking about him a lot lately and misses him and wishes I was more like him. Distraught by this I couldn’t believe it because of all the sacrifices we make for each other and how comfortable I thought we had become together, I really love her.
    The next couple day after this I treated her to a very nice dinner time at the beach and she told me how amazing I was and that she loved me. I couldn’t take being lied to again so I feel I made a mistake by checking her phone. She was talking to him once again apologizing for not coming and apparently skyped him. There were also texts to her friend saying I was not important anymore she had stopped caring all together and her staying with me all rested on how she felt when she left.
    I feel like I’m not good enough for her or she would have talked to me when things got bad and not have run off to him and comfort from him.
    I feel like ill be a fool oif I continue to stay with her but I love her a lot.. Someone give me some good advice please

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