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    I am interested to hear people’s opinions on this. My ex-girlfriend and I have recently broken up after 2 years together. We got on pretty well most of the time but as I got to know her better I noticed some peculiarities about her personality. In particular, she was borderline obsessed with conspiracy theories and supernatural notions.

    At first I thought it was just a bit of fun (conspiracy theories, New World Order etc…) not to be taken too seriously, but as I got to know her more I realised that it had a much more darker side. She spent many hours a day browsing the internet reading all of this type of stuff and believed everything she read. For example, she believed that the government put fluoride in tap water to dumb down the nation and that microwaves were dangerous (she would stand behind a wall if someone turned it on). I know this sounds funny, but believe me, it’s very hard to live with this someone like this! Also, she didn’t trust conventional medicine and believed that every major disease was created by the pharmaceutical industry just to make money. As a result she bought an ‘alternative’ medicine called ‘miracle mineral solution’ (or MMS for short) over the internet which claims to cure everything from AIDS to cancer! I googled the product and found very disturbing articles including a FDA warning not to use it because it produces a potent bleach when ingested.

    When I explained to her what I had found she totally rejected my concern and said that the FDA is also in on the conspiracy! It shocked me to see how gullible she was and that she couldn’t see how damage she could be doing to herself. When she started to take this MMS she began to feel ill but she told me that it was ok because it was ‘removing all the toxins and bad bacteria from my system’ and this was proof that it was working! She also believed in the most bizarre conspiracy theories – for instance, that the British Royal family were secretly ‘Reptilians’ from another planet. I also found some cheques written out to some “Shaman healer” to do a ‘distance healing’! WTF?? I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. This type of behaviour and belief system put an incredible amount of pressure on our relationship with the result that I eventually decided that I couldn’t be with someone like this. She would also constantly check my phone and web history. And she knew my computer password! I have no idea how! I probably don’t even know the half of it, she was very secretive, who knows what else she was thinking or money she wasted.

    On the other hand, she could be quite rational about other things in her life, like when it came to work for instance. This, I found very confusing. How can someone be so rational about some things and totally irrational about other things?

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its necessarily unhealthy to have an interest in conspiracies. Actually it’s prob a good thing to have a level of scepticism. But when it becomes an obsession its different.
    The thing is I still love her but I don’t think we can build a healthy relationship together…

    I’d appreciate people’s thoughts on this and would love to hear from anybody who has had a similar experience…



    once upon a time a wise man said, no smoke without fire, what you said gave me the impression she is nuts, but I do think that girls tends to think with the heart. she is afraid of something and if you really care about her you must make her feel safe, secure.

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