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    I have fallen in love with this amazing guy. Who just so happens to be my dance partner. Who just so happens to be my best friend. Yeah….

    We were put in the same dance class about a year ago, and there was a mishap and we accidently got partnered to choreograph and perform a steamy, romantic duet which turned out amazing. The chemisty between us was insane and instant. In no time at all, we were close friends and now he’s my best friend. We talk about everything, I’m lost without him. I didn’t realize it until the night of our first public dance performance that I realized how much I loved him. I thought we were just close friends who danced together and liked to goof off. It wasn’t. As soon as we were onstage and I looked up into his eyes, I’m not sure what it was….but what I saw and what I felt in that moment nearly made me pass out. I never felt so strongly about any feeling in my life before. Ever since then…nearly a year, I’ve been completely and hopelessly in love.
    But he doesn’t know. Sure, we hang out a lot and we flirt constantly. There have been countless ‘moments’ that we’ve had together. But never anything really romantic, other than when we are dancing of course. But I’ve never told him what he means to me, how much he means to me or to the extreme extent to which I love him. I don’t know…maybe he knows I kind of like him, but he doesn’t know I love him more than life itself. I don’t want to tell him…I don’t want to risk ruining the relationship we have now. I can’t live without him. But every time I see him….I die a little inside knowing what I feel and knowing that he doesn’t know.
    What do I do???



    Sounds like something from a movie.

    You already answered your own question though. You love him, you can’t live without him. Tell him. If you never tell him, you will never be with him, and friends will always be the extent of your lives together.

    What if he’s the same way and doesn’t want to tell you for the fear of losing you? You said the chemistry was insane and instant… chemistry is on both sides, he probably feels the same about you.

    Again, if you don’t go for it, you’ll never know.

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