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    Well, before I even start the question, I am 17, she is 16. (Both Juniors in high school)

    One of my good friends and I started going out early our freshman year. We dated for 5 months until she gave me a note saying that we are really just good friends, and severed the relationship. I’m guessing the problem is that I didn’t make a move during that time. I am pretty much the stereotypical “Nice Guy.” I’m not a a player or anything, and she is the only girlfriend I have ever had. Hell, I haven’t had my “first kiss” yet.

    For our entire sophomore year, I followed her around like a puppy. We were amazing friends all year, and I chickened out every time I even tried asking her out again. Now, we are both about to start our Junior year, and she wanted to get back together with me. Of course I jumped on it. Every time she talks to me, even if a “hey :)” from Facebook, I get all giddy and can’t concentrate for more than five seconds.

    Like I said, I fit the Nice Guy stereotype, so how do I make sure I don’t get friendzoned because of my own actions? (or non-actions, rather)

    Please help!



    Be honest with her, tell her how much you respect her & that you want to take things slow. You are only in high school & while it seems kids now a days are jumping into bed well before they are ready, you seem to have a grasp on reality. However, be sure to show her affection by your actions: hold her hand, be a gentlemen & by all means kiss her when the timing is right!
    Bonus: Listen to her (not that you don’t) but do something for her that shows you know what she likes & she’ll appreciate it. Did you ever see the episode of friends when Ross gave Rachel a pendant that she said she liked months ago, she said “I can’t believe he remembered” than Chandler said something like “of course he did, remember when he was in love with so & so & bought her that rediculous…” Those are the little things girls like, when you do something for us when we don’t think you were paying attention to.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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