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    I met this girl last May at a diner down the street from my house. We became friends pretty quick and for awhile it seemed like we were becoming more. We never kissed or had . Just cuddled a lot and slept over at each others houses. Some months later in October she dropped a bombshell on me telling me she only thought of me as a friend and that she was in a relationship with a girl who she led me to believe was only a friend. She told me she still wanted to be friends and after getting over the initial heartbreak I agreed. Nothing felt the same after that everything was distant, I only saw her at work and she often times left my text messages go unanswered. In early February I decided I was finally over her and started hanging out with other girls. I became pretty comfortable with being single and tried to forget her. In March it seemed like we ran into each other all the time at the grocery store, walking down the street. She asked me if I wanted to hang out and I agreed. We began spending time together like the old days and I just assumed her feelings had not changed. Saturday was her 20th birthday and since I had off from work I came over to her house to hang out. She wanted to drink but since her parents were around I asked if she wanted to stay at my place. We ran into a snag because there were people at my house so that didnt work out. We then decided to get a hotel room. Half way through the night she made a move and we started making out one thing led to another and we would up having . The last few days we have been hanging out as we regularly do and nothing seems to have changed. No awkwardness at all. So I guess what Im wondering is should I just let things go the way they are or talk to her and find out if she wants something more.

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