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    Ok i’m in highschool and this one girl started talking to me and acting nice towards me one day. She kept doing this for like a month or two, and I began to start to like her. So she asked for my number the day before christmas break and I gave it to her and she said we should hang out, it started to seem like she really liked me.
    So later that night her friend asks me if I like her and I said that i do, and he told me she likes me too. So he gave me her number and we I started to text her a lot over the brake. She eventually found out that her friend texted me and asked me If I like her, and so she confirmed it too. So we both like each other in the time being and things were all good. Then there came a stretch of like 6 days where she wouldn’t respond to my messages. I decided to play it cool and act like everything was good. Then right before the break ended she texted me a little.
    Then, we went back to school after break, and it seems like she has no idea i am alive. She is completely ignoring me and talking to other people. I have tried to talk to her and say hi to her but she just ignores me. Anybody know whats going on?

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