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    i certainly have my opinions about these text messages but i would really appreciate some feed back from some guys.

    this guy and i have a history, for time sake, we’ll just say- it’s complicated.

    him: i miss being intimate with you.

    me: intimate?

    him: kiss, cuddle, nap, s**, etc.

    me: me too.

    him: it always felt natural with you.

    me: that’s sweet.

    him: it’s true. it was genuine. i felt like you really cared about me. i wish sometimes we could ignore all the bad between us, bc i know there’s no undoing it at this point and just be that way with each other. i thought we could transcend all the “rules” and just be 2 people who intimately care for one another on whatever plane of existence we wanted.

    me: what are you saying? rules? exist however we want? like and open r/ship or free love type of thing?

    him: see that’s my point exactly. not have to categorize and analyze what we are, what this means or what that meant… i’m afraid of this or maybe that… just “hey i really care about you, i trust you care about me, let’s enjoy that” that’s all.

    obviously i can’t ask him about this. things have been rough between us. we’re not bf gf.

    are these just lines of a smooth talker?



    obviously they are lines of a smooth talker. He wants something from you without tying the knot but at the same time what’s so wrong with that. If you like him give him what he wants but only give him that. Don’t you dare show him more feelings than what he gives you. If you are strong enough for that type of relationship than go for it and have fun! just be careful and never let your guard up. and be sure to set some ground rules. Tell him: if you want to do this free love you better be sure I’m the only one your freely loving because no one wants to spread an std… You don’t have to label each other as bf/gf. You can still openly flirt with others but you should definitely have ‘some’ exclusivity in this situation just be sure that you keep those guards up. Don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the REAL answers to. Good Luck!

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