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    I know the title probably sounds egotistical, and no, I’m not posting a picture here. I actually don’t really think I’m that beautiful, but I get told I’m beautiful all the time and I give off a y vibe. I do like to look decent and put on a little makeup sometimes but I don’t go all out, I’m not prissy, I don’t dress skanky, and I’m not the most fashionable girl either. I’m just a sweet person who likes to have fun, and I just happen to be lucky to have good aesthetic tastes. Of course, the problem with this is that I feel that men often view me as a kitten. I don’t have a lot of friends because I have a hard time speaking to women for some reason, and every time I try to be friends with a guy, I find out he just wants to sleep with me. I just want friends, and it’s nice to be complimented on my looks, but I’m pretty lonely most of the time. I don’t seem to be taken seriously either by men. I consider myself to be pretty smart, I’m college educated. But even when I speak to men about smart topics, I always seem to be reduced to a object. I thought they liked me for my personality, but it seems like they just like me for my looks. .. Even when I had serious boyfriends, they usually complimented me on my looks.. sometimes on my personality, but most of the time on my looks. How can I be taken seriously without intentionally downing my looks? And please no snarky comments.. I don’t need it. Thanks.

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