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    Hello everyone. So I could really use some advice any advice. My girlfriend and I dated for 6 months. We had so many wonderful times together, I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone like her and I truly love her. So here’s the story of what went wrong. She is very high maintenance and demanding of affection after I couldn’t make a group trip we had planned she would not let it go this caused me to finally break up with her. She broke down in tears wouldn’t eat was physically ill her friends had to come over and get her out of bed feed her and get her back on her feet. I felt terrible without her as well and missed her. So we got back together. Needless to say some of her friends don’t care for me and most of mine can’t stand her. I let my friends get in the way but have since addressed this issue and them. One of our issues is I never liked driving out to her place, and she loves to go out all of the time and be seen, I don’t mind once in a while but she thrives on attention. After spending the day at a funeral with her (her cousin had passed away I didn’t even know him) instead of spending the night there as I said I would I left and went home she broke down and was very emotional called me on the phone and broke up with me. We started talking again have kissed been intimate, she would come over for dinner watch tv together etc. I changed everything, addressed everything would drive out to her place you name it. I told her I love her and would do anything to get back together, she tells me she loves me too but refuses. Then she told me she was seeing other people but she hates it because she only thinks of me when she’s with them. She told one of our mutual friends that she loves me more than anything and one day in a few years she can see being with me again. Our friend asked why she wont get back together with me if she loves me so much and she couldn’t answer just that we would someday.

    So I took the hint that we were done we didn’t speak for a week I posted a healing quote on FB and she liked it, I texted her immediately and told her to stop it was about me healing and for her to give me space I was upset bc I heard she had a boyfriend (which turned out to be false) so I defriended her on FB. Later resent the friend request but she won’t accept. I gave her friend her birthday present to take to her she texted me later and thanked me for the gift but that was all.

    Now we do not communicate, I don’t know why she kept coming over telling me how much she loved me but would not allow us to get back together I’m trying to move on but it really hurts, I was willing to lover unconditionally and she seems to think we’ll get back someday but the timing was off. I don’t know what to think or do.

    If you have read all of this THANK YOU! Please feel free to offer advice suggestions etc. I know I should forget and move on I just don’t know why she has had to act this way…

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