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    I am feeling really bad right now. I have been living with this guy for 5yrs. Thing is we were never in a relationship. When I met him we hit it off liked all the same things etc. I told him I was married would be living alone in this town until my husband got straight to come over. Things continued… we started having . It was the best i ever had, but I told him this was just nothing more. he moved in indirectly, would spend nights never actually moved his stuff in. So a yr later he starts making plans for me to meet his family & co-workers. I told him if its on a friendly basis sure as I just moved didn’t know anyone. Next thing I know his whole family “welcomed” me to the family… they can’t wait for the wedding. So next day I told him he needed to stop seeing me things were over. We stopped talking for weeks but then he assured me everything was in perspective. We were fine for awhile then cycle starts again. Now my husband came to visit… I introduced them and everything was fine dude backed off. long story short its 5yrs later pregnant for my husband who finally got straight to move over so he will be here in new year. However my friend wont walk away. He tells me he is willing to fight for our love. am confused because i made it clear it was just . So i’ve explained stuff to my husband who is willing to go counselling and work things out with me. So now the biggest issue is my friend. how do I break up with him? I have said its over no more nothing but he keeps coming back. I really feel bad that he is in love with me but I want to work things out with my husband. He is a good guy & i even tried to hook him up with a friend but she told me he spend the whole night explaining to her how “he wont cheat on me. he loves me although things are complicated”. he’s a great guy is there anyway I can get him to move on and if possible save friendship (no of course)

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