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    We speak very regularly mostly texts. We have hooked up multiple times when we are out. Fooled around once after a night out. also spent the night together but no as I didn’t want her to think that’s the only thing I’m in for. The times we have hooked up alcohol been involved. seems as she is interested as she initiates conversations so it’s not just me that tries.
    Ended up catching up with her the other week when she was out with her friends as shes leaving for overseas 1 month. end of the night,waiting for lift home she had came up gave me kiss and hug and said she will see me when she gets back. I got a text from her later that night saying that she hopes I got home safe. I replied to her, asked of she got home safe too… No reply. The next day I sent her a text saying that I hope she has a nice holiday.No reply again. She msg wishing me a happy bday. I replied thanks and have a safe flight. didn’t reply
    She will be back in three weeks I also want to tell her that I am into her She just keeps going through my head, can’t stop thinking bout her
    Also I have been told that she can be a bit of a flirt too

    Help!! Girl im into
    Do I ignore her and wait till she gets back from holidays she contacts me? Or I contact her and see how her holiday is?

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