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    Hi, my boyfriend had one year ago girlfriend who was crazy, calling him many times/day, texting him all the time and even came to his house at 2am check him if he is alone. She even lied about her age to him and he found out later.
    One year later, I am with him, live with him in his house and exactly on Valentines day came letter with heart all over. He explained its her, she still sends him emails and he feels sorry for her as she she very desperate and cant find a boyfriend. That was 14.2, he read the latter 19.2 when he came from abroad and today 22.2 came another thick letter from the same town and same writing. He told me she knows he has a girlfriend but she still cant forget him etc. I am not jealous, but I find it not appropriate that he should feel sorry for some crazy stalking ex and keep contact with her. Its obvious she sends letters instead of email, just so I will find them. And yes I always do. I am very curious what is inside of it actually! But I wont open it. He didnt say what was in first letter, he is only saying she writes him how she cant forget him and stuff. The thing is I dont think its ok to find every week 1 letter from his ex and not knowing what is inside. I am also scared, as if she will be more and more obsessed with him, she could also stalk me and hurt me, right? In the end, he always said she is completely crazy. I am telling him to tell her off and he says “poor woman, nobody wants her,cant find a man, you have to feel sorry for her”. I do feel though that letter is send so I will read it. If she would want send something to him, she will reply on email, right? While I trust him completely and I am sure, he doesnt cheat, I am also very curious what is in letter and I am also scared she could follow me. I just dont want to be part of this, what can I do?

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