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    Hi everyone! 🙂 I’m from chittagong, bangladesh. i would go to the introduce yourself section and introduce myself, but i’m not in the right mood to go over all that. WHY? it’s the same old reason, a girl! 🙁

    I met this girl some 8/9 months ago and immediatly fell in love with her. but since i didn’t know her that well, i thought it was a crush and i’d get over it but i made friendship with her. over the last few months, she and i became really close friends. she even says that i’m closer to her than any of her older friends and i’m the most valuable friend of her. she can’t bear to lose me and when i told her that i may go abroad for higher studies, she became really sad and i heard that she cries about it sometime. We text and talk over the phone a lot and she says all kinds of things, for example: “i wish i had you with me all the time”, “i miss you like crazy”, “i’m always thinking about you”, “i dream about you” and becomes angry when i don’t text her or forget anything about her. i realised that my feeling was real and it was not a crush. i love her but i wasn’t sure about her. i asked her friends about it and they said “she talks like that with most people but you seem different. i think she likes you too”.

    so i got hopeful and decided to propose and i did. but she rejected me saying “i never thought of you in that sense.” i asked her, “what’s lacking in me?” she said “nothing, you’re perfect but it’s just that i never thought of you in that way and i love you a lot but just not like that” so i said “think abt me in that way now?” she says “i can’t. you’re already in a different place for me.” so i decided to sever the friendship with her coz i thought it would be too painful for me to maintain a friendship when i felt so strongly about her. and i did but i heard that she stopped eating and sleeping for this and she even fainted coz she wasn’t eating. :O i immediatly patched things up with her, i couldn’t bear to see her that way. i told her “i’m not gonna force you or anything but know this, my feelings towards you is never going to change and i’ll love you forever.” she said “but it’s hopeless.” i said, “let it be”.

    now we are friends, like before but very recently, i noticed that she doesn’t talk to me as much as before instead hangs out with her other guy friends more than me and she doesn’t call me anymore but texts me as before, that didn’t change. also, i used to walk her to her car everytime she left, but now she leaves before i can even offer her that. i asked her if anything’s wrong but she said “no! there can be nothing wrong between us!”…i sometimes tell her about my love…remind her but she ignores it i think…i mean she listens to it but doesn’t really pay attention, i think!

    sorry to bother you guys with such a long story, but to get any good advice you needed to know the whole story right? 🙂 so my question is: IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN GET THIS GIRL? i desperately am in love with her and would do anything for her (except give my life, coz that’s crap :P). any tips on how to approach her in a different way so as to make her think about me “in that sense”? :S any help from anybody!!!! please!!! 🙁

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