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    Hello i am Kim from TX,i met a spell caster online,he really help me,i never believed in spells and magic before i met him,i use to have problem with my fiance,we planned to marry this year,but things started going wrong for us one day when he came from work and he said he want me no more,he send me packing i left his house,i tried all i can to get him back but all efforts are in vain.I met a spell caster online and i told about me problem and he said i shouldn’t worry that’s he s going to help me,i decided to give him a try and he told me to produce some items which i did,and he cast the spells,my man came back to me to apologies and now we are back together and will be getting married in couple of months.the spell caster make me understand that a woman cast a spell on my fiance to make him hate me because she likes him,the woman confess this to him after the spell has been cast..the problem i am having now is that i dont know what to pay him,he said i should pay him anything i feel like,i will be so glad if someone can help me with advice on what to give back to get back to me via my yahoo id [email protected]

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