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    I am recently divorced. I moved to a new city with my 3 year old daughter. I met a woman at the church i started attending. We hung out a few times. When I asked her out she said that she had never dated some one she didn’t know well. She said she wanted to wait to get to know me better. We continued to see each other. I held her hand at a play. Then we watched a movie at her house and cuddled on her couch till 12:30am. I tried to kiss her but she just turned her head and just hugged me. Then things started getting wierd. The next Sunday we had lunch with her parrents and she was very distant. She said she had a bad headache. Since then she has nearly answered my texts. When we see each other she will hold my hand and won’t pull away when i touch her. But she never starts it. She seems to not want alone with me anymore.

    I found out from her that she hasn’t dated anyone for “years”. Why do you think she isn’t letting me in? Do you think she is interested just nervous. Or is she just being polite and not wanting to hurt my feelings. Please advise.

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