I can’t figure out if my boyfriend is lying.

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    So my long-term boyfriend swore he would finally quit smoking when we found out we were expecting a baby girl. He’s been smoking since he was seven years old and is now 30, so quitting isn’t easy for him, but it’s something I insisted on for the sake of his and our baby’s health.
    For ten months straight, he lied to me about it. He would tell me he quit every week, yet I would keep finding packs of cigarettes in his work clothes and backpack.

    In October, after he had “quit” for about six weeks, his friend posted a picture on FB in which they were both smoking, so I confronted him.
    Now according to him, he did a lot of thinking and kind of “woke up,” and he’s claiming he hasn’t smoked since mid-October.

    The problem is that he works in a nightclub, and he’s around smokers all night, so he comes home smelling like an ash tray every night. He also is now allowed to leave his jacket at work, which means he could be keeping his cigarettes at work. Not to mention, he often comes home with lighters, but he says it’s so he can light people’s cigarettes for them while he’s working (not entirely unbelievable).
    However, a few weeks ago, he came home, and in his work bag was a pack of cigarettes. He swears up and down that he had NO idea they were in there, and the next night, he said his co-worker took them from his son and put them in the backpack in case he [my boyfriend] wanted them.
    The thing is… They happened to be my boyfriend’s exact brand. Also, one cigarette was flipped over and the paper was folded in, which I’ve only ever see my boyfriend do. I don’t know ANYONE else who folds the top of the “lucky” flipped cigarette. But still, he absolutely insists that they weren’t his, when any other time I found a pack, he’d immediately admit they belonged to him.

    I don’t know what to think or do.
    Are Camel menthols a very popular brand (the white package, not black and blue)? Has anyone else heard of or seen someone flip a lucky cigarette, then fold the paper in around the top of it?



    It’s a bitch to quit smoking and I don’t see how somebody working in a nightclub could quit. He is probably still smoking, but you should work with him on this. What about him going into a different line of work? Some place not filled with smoke? I used to turn up a lucky cigarette myself, but quit doing it because too many people would take the lucky cigarette when I’d offer one. Cigarttes are harder to quit than heroin. If you’re going to stay with him, you’re going to have to accept that it may take him a while to quit.

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