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    I’ve been dating someone for 2 1/2 years and I am beginning to think that trust is not important to him and in fact, most of you will probably wonder why I am even in a relationship with him.

    My boyfriend has a job (in the restaurant industry) that allows him to continue living his “college” lifestyle. Honestly, the job is not hard and does not require many braincells so going in to work hung over or, even, still drunk, is not really an issue.

    My boyfriend also likes to tell me that he is at home when he is really on his way or already at a bar. Not to mention, he does not just have one drink, he has many. I do not even know if he stays at home or at a friend’s house or even at a girl’s house. And I do not think it is fair to me to wonder what my boyfriend is doing.

    There are also a lot of sketchy things going on that make me wonder. For example, there is this girl at his work that has disrespected me and our relationship, sending my boyfriend text messages that call him “baby”, etc. Well after almost a year of friendship on Facebook, she randomly deleted him, but added his roommate that I am 99.9% sure that she would not know unless she hung out with my boyfriend and his roommate. This makes me wonder if he has this girl over behind my back.

    Then last night, my boyfriend went out to the bar after he told me he was home and did not wake up for his community service this morning (yea, he got arrested back in July for possession of marijuanna and cocaine and has to complete around 250 hours of community service in about a year). Seems like his priorities are in line, right?

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