I don’t know what this feeling means…Do I love him?

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    Years back I started dating this guy named Jacob, he was funny, smart, made me smile and make me feel loved. We had a few issues during our relationship, but we lasted for 9 months before I broke it off. Whenever I would see him, I always got this strange feeling in my stomach, it just clenched up and I couldn’t eat and I was just filled with energy. I’ve never been a nervous person, so I don’t think it’s that, but I don’t know what this feelings means. I’ve never been really connected to my emotions very well, but I’ve been trying harder to be more connected with them.

    Since I broke up with Jacob, I have dated other guys, but none of them could really hold my interest, and I’d just get bored and easily annoyed at them. None of them gave me the feeling that I got from Jacob. And even now, when I talk to Jacob or if he sends me a message or something I get this feeling and sometimes I get kind of nauseous. I know I still care about him to some extent, but I’m not sure how much. We’ve both grown up a lot and matured since we were together and we’ve changed for the better, and we still get along.

    It was not until a few months ago that we started talking again, and he ended up pulling things back because we were just stepping into the ways things were when we dated, and he stated that we would be just friends. I’m not sure if he really just wants to be just friends, or if he’s afraid to try another relationship with me. He was never very good with handling his emotions and always just tried to hide and push them away.

    Please, if anyone can give me some advice that’d be greatly appreciated. Anything anyone has to say would be helpful.



    The best advice I can give is just tell him how you feel.
    If you really like him and think you just might love him then showing him your vulnerabilities by flat out asking him should be proof enough that you’re serious about trying things again. Just be honest with him and tell him in person not on the phone or over a text. You’ll know what to do from there. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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