I don’t know what to do now, should I just forget it?

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    I don’t know If I should say anything or just leave it alone, and forget about it. So I have hardly ever talked to this girl. Yet I asked her to prom cause I really like her. It’s not like she didn’t know who I was though. I was in some of her classes earlier this year. So I walked up to her, and said hey, she smiled, so then I asked her. I was really nervous, and I know she could definitely tell. Well she said that she was already going with someone. So I told her that’s alright. Then after worrying about who it was, it was her cousin, and I worried all that time for nothing lol. So It’s been 8 weeks now, but she’s never acted the same around me since then. Now whenever she see’s me in the hall/walks by me she will just look at the ground or act like she looking at her book or something. So should I just forget it or say something? What should I do? Also what about asking her again next year? Thanks

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