I don’t know what to do with this girl.

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    I’ve liked my friend of 3 years since the day I met her. She is very religious and follows all church rules and observes her morals. I’m not looking to get with this girl , but a couple days ago I told her I liked her for this long. Then right after she doesn’t understand Why I would like her. I told her its because you have standards and they way you treat yourself. Your good looking all of that. And she still thinks that she isn’t good enough for anyone. How do I get her to understand that she is all that and more and why wouldn’t I like her.

    Also for her whole life people have walked out on her life and she is always worried that the people she trusts will leave her. I haven’t and dont plan on doing that but I don’t know how to voice it..

    Thx for all your help.



    Just to start off- I have been the girl that the friend confesses to and each time it has happened I have always said “why would you like me” because I’m not into them. It’s the whole “its not you its me” thing. Something about them, no matter how great they are doesn’t quite fit what I look for in a man and as stubborn women we refuse to settle. And just a little advice anyone who is religious is bound by so many rules. They are looking for someone to drive them just wild enough to break those rules. You have to be worth breaking the rules for and you have to know which rules are okay to break every now and then. There is a song that says “Does he drive you wild or just mildly free?” If you don’t drive her wild than she will never be bound by your chains AND the church’s. Be a man and push her limits. When she says slow down, drive faster. Show her what is feels like to live. If you can’t do that or if your don’t want to, than you aren’t the man for her so move on. Good luck!



    She has low self confidence and low self esteem from the actions that have occured in her life. Nothing you can do to chage that. You’re just another guy with words.

    Just keep being her friend and help her do things to build her self confidence (karate, kaying, rock climbing, parachuting).

    Let her self confidence and self esteem build and you’ll see a whole new girl that will be evem more attractive to you.

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