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    Ok so Im a female and My girlfriend of two years broke up with me Friday. Bear in mind we went to college together , do the same course and we basically spent about 5 hrs in the week apart ( wayy too unhealthy i Know) so we fought really bad for the last couple of months , but I never saw this coming …

    I had my friend(also ) over from another college, Im in college elsewhere. So basically my gf or ex i suppose kissed this girl in front of me …she was really drunk…but we came home and went to bed and I woke up to my gf cuddling into my friend and trying to hold her hand.
    She broke up with me the following morning saying she had a connection with the girl that when she brushed off her hand she got butterflies somthing she hadn’t gotten from me in a long time and that it was so nice to have to someone talk to her and have tht connection(with someone shes only met once) etc…So we talk about it i ask her nt to talk to the girl and asked could we give it another go, she said ok?….but broke up wt me again on he saturday…I find out tht she was asking the girl did she feel the same way texting her etc bleh….

    I come upto college sunday night go over to her apartment and just chill talk for a while and I find out shes been texting this girl asking her does she feel the same way…I know I should take the hint. So monday shes still texting this girl and saying she only wants her as a friend there, sayin tht she that she wasnt in love with me anymore…Monday night my ex got so drunk she drank so much and she was trying to call and text the other girl (i got no word from her that night just the girl shed kissed. I called over to her apartment yesterday we had a really nice day, we cuddled and kissed and there was no drama or seriousness was so so nice now she says shes confused…what do i do, give her space?, move on?

    But after all of this I still want to be with her , the most difficult thing is she lives like in the apartment block right beside mine, were doing the same course and I really don’t know what to do , I know I’d be an idiot to take her back…well if she ever wants me back because right now she doesnt know what she wants…but i don’t know what to do I love her so much and want to be with her like I know to spend way less time apart would be good like because even after the one day wed usually see one another we had a nice cuddle and stuffany help or advice would be lovely…thanks so much

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