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    Hi, and thank you for viewing my first thread. So i have a dilemma that i really need help with, as you probably noticed from the title name. My girlfriend, whom i love, has really messed up. I found that she had taken pictures of herself, and not for me. she had sent them to a random kid that works at walmart in a town we frequently visit. Now i need advice, as to what can be done to fix this. Now please keep in mind im not trying to break up with her, as i could have figured out how to do that on my own. Any assistance is very appreciated, and you will have my blessing. Thank you!



    this is possible really rreally late considering you posted in october?>

    tell her to get a new sim card so that eliminates the walmart kid. specify and push hard that she needs to stop this terrible behaviour and that shes not to give the number to the kid.

    tell her that u love her but she needs to stop in order for u both to work out.

    dont be scary and harsh. just break it to her softly she needs to stop.



    Talk calmly to her and find out why she does these things. She could be just seeking attention and by talking to her, you can find out how to give the right attention to her.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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