Im 17 hes 25- he has a girlfriend-am i being played??? Forums Interracial Relationship Im 17 hes 25- he has a girlfriend-am i being played???

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    I have known him for 6 months. He has cheated on his girlfriend with me, apparently his relationship (3 years) with her is a bit rocky. he said to me at the beginning he doesn’t want anything serious. he got a bit upset/worried when i accidentally rang his girlfriend.


    He texts me a lot in the week, tries to ring me and see me at any chance he gets. he is unbelievably sweet to me: showering me with compliments, always saying how much he misses me and likes me.
    when i’m with him i can tell he feels lucky to be with me, and hes said to me that he has really deep feelings for me now. he cant stop holding me when we are together, and he has been asking my friend questions about me and telling her how amazing i am.

    i just found out the other day from his brother that he has been lying about things i have done when i’m with him,(like: i got off the bed, shut the door and switched off the light because i was so eager to have ) obviously he done this to impress them…….this hurt me, and has given me a wake up call to question whether i’m being played or not???

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