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    I recently started a new job a little over 4 months ago. About a month after I was working there I noticed a cute new security guard as I was exiting work. I was instantly attracted to him. I usually don’t see someone that I am attracted to that much so I was excited that he got hired. I was hoping that we would get to know each other and possibly date. But in the entire time that he has worked here he has not had a conversation with me. I don’t think he is shy because I always see him talking to other girls I work with so why can’t he talk to me? What bothers me also is that I always catch him staring at me. To the point where I will feel him staring at me so our eyes will meet. Usually when that happens he turns away immediately. Another coworker of mine has also caught him staring at me when I was bent over cleaning. I’m just very confused by his actions. There has been a rumor that he has a girlfriend outside of work and he also cheats on his girlfriend because he talks to a few other girls at my work. I do work at a department store in the cosmetics department so my work is pretty big and I don’t know which girls he exactly talks to. After finding these things out I am not attracted to him anymore I just want to figure a few things out.

    I have two questions. The first is why does he keep staring at me? The second is I really want him to stop staring at me so should I tell him to stop or tell his manager?
    Any help would be really appreciated thank you so much!

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