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    I know this is an all too common situation but I’m 30 and in love with my best friend. I met him five years ago and after knowing each other a few months he told me he liked me. The situation was confusing for us both because he had a girlfriend and I had never considered him in that manner because he was in a relationship. When they broke up we started sleeping together. Eventually (two years later) I told him I like him but he said he didn’t have the same feeling for me. It’s been another 2 years and we continue to sleep together and talk every day. Everyone thinks we’re dating. I know it’s not healthy and have tried to distance myself from him but neither of us seems complete without the other. The last two weeks he has been less interested in hooking up and I found out he started online dating. I don’t know what to do. If he does start dating someone I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. I’m in love with him. So I need to do something and looking for the best advice. I’m thinking I should be honest with him, tell him how I feel and tell him I need space. This idea frightens me because I don’t think I’ll be able to get over him (it’s been 4 years) and I’ll lose my best friend. Any advice?



    You needed advice years ago before you started sleeping with him. To me it sounds like he has been using you for . If you need to tell him how you feel go ahead & do it but don’t expect him to respond the way you want because otherwise he wouldn’t have started online dating. Do it for yourself. You lost your best friend when you jumped into bed with each other without clearly stating what you each wanted. It is time to cut all ties with him. If you truely completed each other he would be with you & not looking for someone else online.

    I know it is unthinkable to get over someone you love, but the only way to do that is to put all your focus, time & energy into yourself. Do the things you love and make an effort to meet new people or spend time with friends (without him). Someone will come along & appreciate you for who you are. That someone will take their time to get to know you before sleeping with you.



    when do you think enough is enough ???

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