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    I was with my girl for 5+ years. We had a semi-open relationship. (new women only) She was my rock and support system. We lived together and were around each other 24/7. Honesty is what allowed our relationship to continue. We had arguments before but never a break-up like this.

    3 weeks ago she abruptly moved all her stuff out over a small argument(I know with women things accumulate) to go live with a girl I introduced her to thru a dating website. She met this girl the day before, they had a lot of fun, and I suppose they have been living together these past 3 weeks. I went to her job the day of the break-up and a week later to show her I was remorseful. She does not answering my calls or txts. She refused my advances, rose and letter. And openly flirted with a male full time server @ a fast food chain (her current job). She asked him to actually kiss her on the mouth. I asked why she was showing such disrespect with a guy that was not her type after 5+ years, her response was: “to get over you.” I have done a lot of dumb stuff, but never ever crossed the line in this manner. She often said she would be suicidal if I left her. And her biggest fear was that I would leave her for a girl we had fun with. Knowing this, I always made sure I came home to her every night.

    I have used the no contact rule the past 2 weeks to try to get a hold of myself and gain some perspective.(on this site I see that this fails more than succeeds) But I am losing my mind and would literally do anything to get her back. Haven’t eaten or slept since this has all happened. Been on a couple of dates but it does not matter who I am with, she is all I think about. She is all I want and would make any changes necessary to regain her love. 5+ years we have been all we ever needed, how can she attempt to turn the page so quickly? How can I get the person that I loved back by my side as soon as possible?

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