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    Hello everyone

    I am new to this site and any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am very confused.
    Ok so about 3 months ago I met a guy online. We hit it off and started dating. It was obvious we really liked each other and we started sleeping together. He told me that he was looking forward to meeting my family, we talked about our future and it was all great. However he is self employed and has a very demanding job, usually wokring most days and nights. I understand as my dad is self employed and needs to take work when its there. The guy explained to me that past relationships have been difficult because of this. And he has been divorced because his wife cheated on him.

    Anyway he cancelled a date with me and I became insecure. I sent him a long msg saying that I was confused about how he felt about me. He text me the day saying that he I was being silly and he wanted to see me when he could. However when I text him later that day I didn’t get a response. I became insecure and said that maybe we should just be friends. I changed my mind the next day and called him he was busy working but again reassured me. Over the next few days I didnt hear from him. I became so insecure I again sent him numerous text msgs asking him to agree to just be friends. He text back yes we would be friends. He said he was sorry but he couldnt give me what I needed. Anyway I felt better but later on I got a panicky feeling. I thought I had made a huge mistake. I text him asking if he would meet me sometime for a coffee and a chat. He text back saying of course and he would text me when he was free. I didn’t here from him text him a few days later and he said that he would definatly meet me next week. However later that day I called him. I said that I am was sorry but felt that I had made a huge mistake. I said I was scared of getting hurt. I hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time.

    He was very nice to me on the phone. He said that he would talk with me next week when he wasn’t working. I asked if he was still single. He said he was. I said all I want is another chance. I said I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. He agree to think about it and see me next week.

    Is there any chance that dispiet the obvious mistakes that this guy could forgive me? I feel like such an idiot but I do really like him a lot. I know he liked me but now I am worried that I have ruined the whole thing.

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