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    My gf and I spent the day together. She was in a bad mood, ok… lets say in a REALLY bad mood. Few hours ago we were saying good night and then she said she wanted to apologize for being a B****, I replied with ” u are not that and dont say it, there is no need to apologize” i said i love her and i kissed her.

    She got upset.

    I asked why, she didnt really explained me at all, and i dont get it. She actually told me to ask to someone else because it was pretty obviuos. So i am here absolutely lost.

    My intention was not bad at all, what i meant is: “i understand it, bad days happen, ur intention to say sorry is enough by itself to fix anything, so no need to go further. I love u”

    Why my answer was so wrong???? I fail to see it, please help me to understand it. :confused:

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