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    This is long sorry 🙁 I need to talk. The man I’m with I love more than anything. I know that he feels/felt the same for me. Recently he has been acting wierd. we use to share a cell to save money. Now he has his own as do i. I’m 7 months pregnant and he said its time to have my own incase i need to call him. But before I had my phone he was txting and hiding them. He erased them so I couldnt see. He has never done this before. He now keeps his phone with him at all times. Doesn’t show me texts talks on the phone when he wakes up I feel like hes hiding things from me. I confronted him about it. He didnt say anything. I told him when this happened before to me in previous relationships and I ended up being cheated on. He didn’t answer or say anything.

    He went out drinking with the drs and nurses at his job last sunday and stayed over. He came back happy and seemed like nothing wrong was going on. Now he spent the last 3 days with this guy from his work. I feel as he is spending more time with him than us. He left his phone downstairs I had to look I didn’t want to. I found a girls name that never was in there. This persons cell lives I dunno 200+ miles away. But I figured if he was trying to hide something he would not leave his phone or hide her name right? The other morning he asked if I loved him cuz I want to or cuz I have to. i said cuz I want to. He said good answer.

    This is prolly too much but last week he was very ually active with me. Then the last 4 days he hasn’t had with me. He did have me touch him and wanted it yesterday. But our daughter was awake running in and out of the room. So i couldnt.
    He has been very stressed about work, bills, and prolly our new lil guy arriving. His checks are only 490 now and rent is 800 plus electricity, internet, his fines, cell which is 30 a month. Maybe he is acting this way due to stress? He will have a warrent out soon cuz we can’t pay a fine. He said he will be in jail for almost 2 weeks and if caught driving another week in jail. When he gets out he will not have a job, and we will be kicked out cuz we can’t pay rent then. So I figured is he just acting wierd cuz he’s over stressed? On top of it I have depression disorder and anxiety disorder which has been really hard to deal with lately. I told him that not knowing how stressed he is. Now I feel like I made him more stressed. Am I just over reacting due to pregnancy and depression? I worry that he is cheating on me or starting to. I’m afraid I might lose him and can’t stand the thought.

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