Is he using me?

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    Hi. I am in a long distance relationship with a man for 6 months. I have met him 3 times and each time spent a week holidaying in hawaii and thailand. I love him a lot and I think he loves me too but he says that he cannot marry me. His parents are strict and he can only marry in his culture but he still wants to be my bf and just go on holidays and chat everyday on fone and messenger. Should I still be with him when there is no hope of a future? Another thing is that he is constantly in contact with his ex gf whom he also met online. He chats with her for atleast an hr everyday and said he wants her in his life as she is his best friend and understands him like no one else..isthis normal?




    what culture is he??
    i think he likes u as a friend with benefits kind of thing



    @karen123 57467 wrote:


    Karen….”fone’ is spelt as “phone”. How old are you? It doesn seem you are being played for something but hey if its fun then enjoy whle you are young but you want to settle then LDR is not the way to go.



    is not normal to be in contact with his ex.. also if you want to marry you should break up with him



    Eightballs61…’whle’ is spell as while..Lol .I totally agreed with your quote hope she understood this….

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