is it totally wrong that i feel this way? Forums Single & Dating is it totally wrong that i feel this way?

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    My boyfriend has a child with a woman and the child is 3.
    They’ve recently split but she wants to get back together by the way she acts.
    They were married, lived together, and had a child so obviously they did a lot together.
    We have moved in together and i just cant help but feel like everything we are doing together, is just replacing her with me.
    We were at their old house moving his stuff out and i found a note from him to her. It was a long time before he met me but seeing that crushed me. I could not stop crying.
    It was how shes been such an amazing woman these past 4 years and her y smile and all thia stuff and was only 2 lines into it. Me and him write each other notes all the time and now i wont write him any because i just keep picturing that one and just makes me feel like another girl.
    Am i wrong for feeling this way? It’s killing me!

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