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    HI kinda happy to stumble upon this site, sorry if my post is long and boring. paragraph it so it wont be too much of an eyesore i guess? so this is my story

    3yrs back i met this girl at a random tuition and for real i was somewhat interested in her. i myself at that time was wondering why do i keep looking at her at tuition. i got her email and we chatted and after a while my friend pointed out the obvious that i like her and worst is that she was actually one of my other friend’s gf. at that moment i was oh dear so i figured meh, just stop contacting her, it will pass.

    after a while we became quite close, she began to tell me that her relationship with my friend wasn’t working and telling me stuff. at that point i was just happy to chat with her( she live freaking far and different school).

    at 2010 all my friends and her went to the same college and she was still with my friend but obviously unhappy. after that we became close but not much people knew and later became best friends. all the time i was holding back my feeling for her and just listen to her and advice her. then around last year April they finally broke up, both of us saw it coming. after that i tried to motivate her, ask her concentrate in studies and well cheer her up when she was down. from that period till end of december i was still in same tuition with her, she had feelings for 3 guys, 1 or 2 hurt her, the other before she could confess, pop spawn a girlfriend and for me it was painful to see her talk about them to me and worst, to see her sad and crying.

    i did told her my feelings( ok i texted cause i couldnt stand it and she kept texting me why i was so moody around that time) and eventually she said she like me as a best friend. i couldn’t help but ask any chance in near future but she replied u can never predict the future. around that point i gave up (lastyear).

    well only after a month she said that i still realize im kinda crazy about her but to not ruin our friendship i decided to put some distance. this year we gotten close than ever( no idea why, one of my friend even thought we were together due to our behaviour together),. now sometimes she messages me for no reason, telling me where shes going, gibberish and sometime to complain.

    with any luck we both get accepted into the same university where i can make my move,show her that im really sincere but what i really wanna know should i do it or should i really let it go?

    right now im not sure what are the feelings i have for her i just know that
    – i went out of my way a lot of times to help her until she says im kinda like her guardian angel cause its weird but troubles seem to like her so i was there to solve most of them =/ ( one serious trouble almost cause her to not be able to apply for university)
    -most of the time she’s my top priority
    – i listen to her and surprisingly remembers the stories or complains she told me
    -i smile when i think of her name most of the time( yes i think its weird myself)

    P.S, im an average queit college graduate, shes kinda shy and dont easily put her trust in people( horrible child and teenhood) and she told me she don’t wanna date younger guys cause erm the 4 guys that she had bad experience with are all younger and sadly im younger than her by a year..omg

    IM really sorry if my english is bad ( im from the orient xD) and if its long but i just wanna blurt it all out. your advices are welcome and thanks a lot 🙂 and you can ask anything if it will help

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